The Gift

Flash Fiction – The Gift

Jess picks up a stranger, standing at the cemetery gates on Christmas Eve who seems to have gifts for everyone he meets.

Flash Fiction – The Cliff

Your face appeared above the edge of the cliff framing the breathtaking view of emerald flatlands, undulating into foothills, ultimately erupting into a snow-covered mountainscape. Your hair was silver-gray, short and straight; not at all what I expected
Book Fair

Your Big Book Fair Mistake

Do book fairs depress you? Here's some advice from a marketing guy with over four decades of experience selling stuff. You're doing it wrong.
A Wink And A Smile

A Wink and A Smile

My winning entry in the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Contest. A burnt-out detective traces missing kids to a toy store with a powerful secret and an alluring proprietor who makes him an offer he can’t refuse.
The Wind Beneath My Wings

The Wind Beneath My Wings

Life is more fun when you have a partner to share it with. My adult life has been infinitely richer with Colleen by my side.
The Hero's Journey

The Hero’s Journey

Does it ever feel like we consume the same stories told over and over again? We do. And here’s the blockbuster formula.

Jess on the Big Screen?

What would Jess and Ali be like on the Big Screen? Here's the opening scene frm CHASING KARMA written for film in screenplay format.
Audio Book Sales Increase

Time to Create That Audiobook

If you haven't yet launched an audio version of your latest book, now is the time. Audiobook sales are booming.
The Veteran

Flash Fiction – The Veteran

The best cops are social workers, psychologists and good listeners. In this flash fiction probationary officer Jessica Ramirez is all three.
Social Media That Works

Creating Content That Works

Understanding the psychology social media content consumption can help you create compelling posts that attract attention and encourage sharing.
Book Covers

Under the Covers

A compelling book cover can compel people to flip to the first page. Here's how I created mine.
Planning a Book Launch

Planning a Book Launch

Here’s a no-nonsense checklist to spin up a memorable launch campaign that will sell books.
Planning Your Next Conference

Maximizing Conference Value

How can we maximize a return on a conference investment? Here's my prep checklist.
Gems in the Dirt

Gems in the Dirt

We grow to the extent we can integrate useful feedback into our craft.