The Next Chapter with Terry Shepherd

Stephen G. Eoannou – Yesteryear and Fran Striker

Steve Eoannou's chronicles the adventures of radio writer Fran Striker on the eve of launching his greatest creation, The Lone Ranger.
The Next Chapter with Terry Shepherd

Carmela Ciuraru – Lives of Wives (Five Literary Marriages)

Carmela Ciuraru explores five literary wives and how their expressions of independence impacted their marriages. 
The Next Chapter with Terry Shepherd

Meredith May – Loving Edie

Meredith May's golden retriever, Edie, came with something extra, a challenge that transformed two lives, a puppy and her human.
So You Want to Be a Writer

So, You Want to Be a Writer

Considering a career as a published author? Here's a reality check.
The Next Chapter with Terry Shepherd

John DeDakis – The Reporter

John DeDakis discusses his Lark Chadwick thriller series and the connections between his protagonist and his real-life career in journalism.
Authors on the Air

Kiersten Modglin – Independent Success

Kiersten Modglin discusses the intricacies creating a cannon of excellent content that delivers a financial return on investment.
The Gift

Flash Fiction – The Gift

Jess picks up a stranger, standing at the cemetery gates on Christmas Eve who seems to have gifts for everyone he meets.
Authors on the Air

Avanti Centrae – The Making of a Best Selling Writer

Avanti Centrae's life path led inevitably to the written word. She describes the journey and a peek under the hood of what makes a delectable thriller.
Authors on the Air

Derek McFadden – The Santa Claus Agreement

Derek McFadden's second novel is a powerful deconstruction of the end of a relationship that will enlighten and inspire.
Authors on the Air

Kerry Ann King – Improbably Yours

Kerry Anne King discusses creating an engaging treasure hunt that hooks both her protagonist and her readers.
The Cliff

Flash Fiction – The Cliff

Dreams are ephemeral, indecipherable and totally out of our control. Perhaps that's what attracts us to them.
Authors on the Air

Marshall Karp discusses his best seller, SNOWSTORM IN AUGUST, what makes a great story and how to write funny.
Book Fair

Your Big Book Fair Mistake

Do book fairs depress you? Here's some advice from a marketing guy with over four decades of experience selling stuff. You're doing it wrong.
A Wink And A Smile

A Wink and A Smile

My winning entry in the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Contest. A burnt-out detective traces missing kids to a toy store with a powerful secret and an alluring proprietor who makes him an offer he can’t refuse.
The Wind Beneath My Wings

The Wind Beneath My Wings

Life is more fun when you have a partner to share it with. My adult life has been infinitely richer with Colleen by my side.