Jessica Ramirez: Born: December 9, 1984 - Paloma, Illinois

1991 - Starts swimming lessons at the YMCA (age 7). 

1992 - Begins Martial Arts Training (age 8) 

1995 - Black Belt Kung Fu 

1999-2000 - Y swim team 

2000-2003 - Paloma Central High School Swim Team 

2001 - State Mixed Martial Arts Champion 

2001/2002/2003 - State Freestyle Champion 

2002 - State 50m Freestyle Record 

2003 ties Olympic record 

2002 - Selected for the 2004 US Olympic Swim Team. Meets Olympian Dara Torres. 

2002 - Father forbids joining the Olympic Team 2003 - Graduated Paloma Central High School 

2005 - Associates Degree Paloma Junior College 2007 - Bachelor of Arts / Police Science 

2007/09 - Swimming / Martial Arts instructor 2009 - Graduates from the Police Academy. Joins the Paloma Police Department 

2012 - Joins undercover unit / promoted to Detective 

2014 - The Sweet Dreams Incident - Meets Michael Wright 

2015 - Transfers to homicide 

2019 - Meth lab bust goes bad - Suspension - The Adventure Begins..   

“Don’t do it, Jess. Nobody does the PIT maneuver at 90 miles per hour. The book says it’s impossible.”

  Detective Jessica Ramirez slammed the accelerator to the firewall, passing the last of the civilian vehicles between the Chevy Tahoe police cruiser and its prey. She was doing her best to ignore her partner, Officer Alexandra Clark, who sat in the passenger seat.

  “Then we’re rewriting the book, girlfriend. I see an opening ahead. It’s either this or get next to them and pop the driver.”

  Or we could let the State Cops handle it. Ten to one they have the stop sticks out up ahead."

  “I can’t Ali. This is personal. Making my move.”

  The traffic suddenly cleared, revealing the 2004 Ford Crown Victoria ahead. The back window was already gone. A perp with the shotgun was knelling on the seat. He drew a bead on his pursuers and pulled the trigger.

  The blast sent buckshot dead center at the Tahoe shattering the windshield. Shards of safety glass engulfed the front seat and its occupants. Jess could see the man racking another round.

  “Why don’t you just let me handle this, “ Ali said.

  Jess’ partner had a Glock in her hands, doing her best to aim at the driver amid the buffeting wind. It was a low percentage shot, only 14% likely to connect.

  “Bet you miss,” she said.

  “Just exactly the positive reinforcement I expect from my best friend... Bet you blow the PIT and get us killed.”

  Jess nudged the SUV’s cow catcher to the left of the Vic’s rear bumper. “Pull the trigger and grab on to something.”