The Wind Beneath My Wings

The Wind Beneath My Wings

Life is more fun when you have a partner to share it with. My adult life has been infinitely richer with Colleen by my side.

It was a Sunday in August, 1976, when we met; Steve Schram’s birthday. Laurie was already in his life and I was happy to sub for him at WVIC so that they could celebrate.

We were married on September 23, 1978 at People’s Church in East Lansing. The guest list for the reception was something like 150, but the word got out and over 300 showed up. Every disk jockey in town took turns at the microphone and the Haslett High football team served as bouncers.

Thus began a partnership that has lasted for forty-five years. Through it all, Colleen has been the wind beneath my wings.

In a world where relationships are often shorter than attention spans, sheer survival impresses young people. More than a few have asked us how our team has endured for over four decades, through kids, through cancer, through the highest highs and the lowest lows.

  • It’s union of two people who love and respect each other and continually build one another’s self esteem.
  • A partnership of individuals who have something in common, besides a baby.
  • A team where there will be strife and disagreement, but the majority of the time is joyful.
  • An environment where you live your own lives but can’t wait to be together.
  • It’s two unique and valuable human beings who still work toward their own life goals and continue to retain their individuality.
  • A relationship where you keep doing the things that attracted you to one another in the first place, because you want to.
  • It’s a situation where you nearly always feel like you are happier than you were when you were single.

I think often about how lucky I was that August day forty-five years ago when she first walked into my life.

And ever since… She has been the wind beneath my wings.