Anastasia Zadeik – The Other Side of Nothing (5/17/2024) - Anastasia Zadeik introduces her new book THE OTHER SIDE OF NOTHING a powerful look at the impact of mental health issues in families. Trigger warning: We discuss suicide.
Nancy Chadwick – The Wisdom of the Willow (5/16/2024) - Nancy Chadwick shares THE WISDOM OF THE WILLOW, a story of hope and healing, of the choices that shape our lives, and the challenges we face as we seek to find our places in the world.
Joe Kraus – The Kosher Capones (3/23/2024) - Dr. Joe Kraus details the history of Jewish gangsters before, during and after Prohibition in Chicago, their interaction with other criminal organizations and some of the colorful personalities who lived and died by violence during from the Roaring 20s into the modern era.
Susan McCormick – The Fog Ladies: Date With Death (10/10/2023) - Susan McCormick is an award-winning author and doctor who lives in Seattle. She writes THE FOG LADIES series, about a group of well seasoned women who support each other as they fall into one adventure after another. Her newest book is The Fog Ladies: Date with Death, a Cozy Mystery set in San Francisco, finds our heroines involved in a senior dating group, where romantic intrigue soon turns to murder.
Stephen G. Eoannou – Yesteryear (10/3/2023) - Stephen G. Eoannou, who gave us the addicting thriller, Rook has imagined the Buffalo, NY incarnation of the legendary Fran Striker, the man who would create the iconic Lone Ranger on Detroit's WXYZ. He gives us the 411 on his latest hit, YESTERYEAR.
Mary Elizabeth Jackson – Perfectly Me (9/27/2023) - Mary Elizabeth Jackson was told she might never have children. She gave birth to three of them, two who came into the world with special needs. Inspired to advocacy, she wrote PERFECTLY ME, a book about acceptance and self-esteem with music by Thornton Cline. It's now available through Norm's Triad Publications on Amazon. We talk about the joys and challenges of parenthood with unexpected dimensions.
Rob McKean – Mending What is Broken (8/20/2023) - Sometimes when you tell a tale you may think you're done with it, but it's not done with you. Rob McKean's short fiction piece grew into MENDING WHAT IS BROKEN. We learn the backstory about how a short story became an engrossing book.
Danielle Girard – Up Close (3/23/2023) - Danielle Girard debuts UP CLOSE, book three in the Badlands series. We discuss the muse, writing romance and the evolution of her storytelling over two decades of writing. We also discuss commonalities she has discovered from her guests as the host of her own podcast.