Time to Create That Audiobook

Time to Create That Audiobook

If you haven’t yet launched an audio version of your latest book, now is the time.

This year’s sales survey from the Audio Publishers Association reveals that audiobooks are becoming more popular than ever. 28 companies reported an increase of 25% in revenue, bringing estimated total book sales across all formats at $1.6 billion – besting last years 12% year-over-year increase, according to Publishers Weekly.

In 2021, there were nearly 74K titles published, 6% more than 2020’s output. At number three in the top sales categories, the ever popular science fiction/fantasy. Mysteries/ thrillers & suspense came in second place; with romance genre revenues growing by 75% year-over-year.

A concurrent APA survey of Americans 18 and older found that 41% subscribe to at least one audiobook service, a 38% increase over 2020.

More kids ears are listening to audiobooks than ever before. 61% of parents say their children (ages 17 and younger) listen to audiobooks, compared to 49% last year.

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