Chasing Vega Ebook Terry Shepherd

  • When a meth bust goes bad, Detective Jessica Ramirez and her partner, Officer Alexandra Clark, find themselves in pursuit of a serial killer who dispatches her own form of street justice from the rim of the Grand Canyon. Chasing Vega is a heart pounding roller coaster ride that will make you want to return to Jess and Allie’s world again and again.

Mistaken Identity AudioBook Terry Shepherd

  • Derek's girlfriend just broke up with him. Anna is looking to meet a Twitter crush. When confusion brings them together, it turns out that what was meant to be is not what either expected. Terry's short story of unexpected love is now available in this special audio presentation, read by the author.
  • Mistaken Identity AudioBook

Chasing Cody AudioBook Terry Shepherd

  • When a young man with Down syndrome witnesses a bank robbery, Jessica Ramirez discovers that the detectives investigating the case are underestimating the most observant eyes in the room. As she gleans information from Cody Harris, the two perps begin to figure out that Jessica is working with the one witness who could send them to jail. One Hour and Twenty Three Minutes - Read by the Author
  • Chasing Cody AudioBook